Full Moon~A Lunar Completion Potion
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Full Moon~A Lunar Completion Potion

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The Full Moon, the pique of this celestial jewels power. The energy of the Full Moon is coveted, and we only get it three days out of the month. During those three days I set about fervently creating this Magickal Perfume to ensconce the energy of the Full Moon.  

I start with Sandalwood, long associated with the Moon and add in soft white florals to include the Magick of Champaca which is highly revered in India and often used in rituals to honor the Moon and her cycles. The end result is deep, yet also soft, floral and feminine, much like the Moon herself.

Full Moon Magick is about completeness, accomplishing the tasks and goals we set for ourselves at the Noumenia and Mother Moon gives us one last opportunity at her fullness to draw on her entire well of energy to complete those goals before her energy wanes again.

Use this perfume to honor Mother Moon as she completes her cycle as well as to honor yourself as you complete cycles throughout your life and spiritual practice. Each bottle contains clear quartz and moonstone to help you flow with the energies of the full moon and assist you with the cycle of completion.

We Offer you, Full Moon Magick & Completion, Wild Ones. 

This listing is for one (1) 15mL bottle of Full Moon Perfume.


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All Natural Essential Oils & Attars less than 1% synthetic (calla lily, as there is no essential oil for most varieties of lily including calla's), Jojoba Oil, Clear Quartz & Moonstone chipstones.