Gardenia~An Enigmatic Potion
Wild Witchery

Gardenia~An Enigmatic Potion

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Gardenias, the scent wafts on summer night breezes lulling all who wander into its perfumed caresses into a place of love, peace and mystery.

I have a long love affair with Gardenia and feel that it is so widely under appreciated in the art of perfumery and metaphysics. This is why I immediately set out to create a Gardenia perfume and it has quickly become a favorite of friends and clients.

The Gardenia is an enigmatic flower, able to gift you with Peace, Love, Romance, Seduction and Spiritual Enlightenment. She is capable of bringing you all of these things if you'd only reach out to her and let her work her magick on you...

I offer you, the Enigma of Gardenia, Wild Ones.

This listing is for one (1) 15mL bottle of Gardenia Perfume.


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