Rose Facial Soap
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Rose Facial Soap

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Oh the Rose. Its scent entices. But what most people don’t realize or know is that Rose oil is also incredibly nourishing and healing to the skin! There have been numerous studies done proving that Rose has anti-bacterial & microbial properties as well as skin toning properties.

This soap is made with pure Rose de Mai oil from Egypt and also contains Rose Kaolin Clay, which has the ability to absorb dirt and toxins from the skin as well as tones and tightens skin.

I create this soap during the waxing moon with intentions of healing and beauty.

I believe all acts in life can and should be infused with magick, enchantment and spirituality. That is why I create all of my skincare products with intention, in line with the phases of the moon and infuse them with gems appropriate to their usage so your bathing and skincare routine can be enchanted too.

Complete your Skincare routine with my Refresh Toner and Replenish Serum!

This listing is for one (1) 5 oz bar of our Rose Facial Soap


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Cold Cream Soap, Rose de Mai Essential Oil, Grapefruit essential oil, Rose Kaolin Clay.