Rose Quartz Bath Bomb~To Bathe in the Energy of Rose Quartz
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Rose Quartz Bath Bomb~To Bathe in the Energy of Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz, so lovely and fair! I will admit, in my earlier years as a witch I was not a fan of Rose Quartz, but as I grew in age and wisdom I often wondered how I EVER got along without the use of this gorgeous stone.

Rose Quartz is a stone of Love- both for the self and others, as well as beauty, happiness and nurturing. If you're needing to heal yourself after the dissolution of a relationship, Rose Quartz is the medicine. Trying to draw a new love interest into your life? Rose Quartz is the solution. Perhaps you need to learn to love your own self, to learn to love your beauty. Rose Quartz is the therapy for that.

This Rose Quartz Bath Bomb is fashioned with pure Rose oils of three varieties and colored rosy pink. They smell of fresh cut roses!  I mold a Rose Quartz chip stone into the face so your bath water is made into a Rose Quartz elixir that will bring you Self Love, Beauty, Happiness, Healing & Draw love into your life.

We Offer you, Elixir of Rose Quartz, Wild Ones.

 This listing is for one (1) Rose Quartz Bath Bomb, molded in spherical shape approx 6.3oz.


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