Beltane Candle~For Lighting the Fires of Beltane
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Beltane Candle~For Lighting the Fires of Beltane

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The Time is almost Upon us. The second most important point on the Celtic Wheel.
Bealtaine. Beltane. May Day. It goes by many names.

Beltane is THE fertility holiday. Whereas Samhain is the point of Night, Death & Spirits of Dead on the wheel, Beltane is Light, Life & Spirits of the Fae. By this point on the sun's journey the earth is just brimming with life bursting forth from the cool damp earth. The Cherry Trees & bulbs of very early spring have given way to the foxgloves, pansies, dianthus & Rose. The crops have begun to sprout but are still yet tender & need lots of care & attention to protect them from a alte frost or a waiting mocking bird ( i have one mocking bird family that comes back to my yard every year to feast on my blue berry bushes!)

Our Beltane Candles are   Hand Rolled Beeswax candle in the colors of Green, Pink & White, inlaid with a tumbled Rose Quartz. We chose these colors as they relate to the season - Green for Growth, Fertility & Abundance. Pink for Love, Sex & Romance & White for Cleansing and Clearing away the dreary winter months. They are inlaid with Rose Quartz to evoke the Sensual, Aphrodisiac qualities of the stone into your rituals. 

Light the Fires of Beltane, Wild Ones. 

This listing is for one Beltane candle. We ritually create all our tools in the Olde Ways.