Full Moon Tea Lights~For Honoring the Fullness of the Moon
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Full Moon Tea Lights~For Honoring the Fullness of the Moon

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New to our Ritual Candle Selection are our Full Moon Tea Lights!

The Full of the Moon, a night to bask in the beauty of the silver-white celestial jewel. To lay under her, to dance under her, to sing and kiss under her. Her light brings the night world to life, where we are all called to let our wild hearts run free, to be bathed in her light, to be recharged by it, to be sparked by her.

These Tea Lights are scented with our Full Moon Oil, and sprinkled with a bit of shimmer to mirror the glow of the Full moon. We created these to inspire you to let your wild heart run free. To embrace the fullness of life, to enfold all of what you want into yourself and to etch all of what you are into the very face of the world.

Use these each full moon to celebrate the radiant moon and to remind yourself to live life to the fullest expression of yourself, to lay yourself out there completely, just as the moon does. I light mine at moonrise each of the three days of the Full Moon and leave it lit while I perform my moon rituals and for a while after.

Blessings of the Full Moon, Wild Ones.

This listing is for one set of four (4) Full Moon Tea Lights.


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