Black Witches' Salt

Branwen's Dreams

  • $13.00

Black Salt has long been used in rituals and spell work and is a very protective common tool across many different spiritual traditions, including Hoodoo and Folk Magic. Black Salt is commonly used to dispel bad luck, break hexes, curses, or jinxes, to defend against dark, evil, or otherwise harmful influences, and eliminate "negative" energies such as jealousy, anger, slander, and other unwanted influences.

Sprinkled across doorways, windows, and the corners of rooms, Black Salt can be used as a protection and to drive away annoying neighbors or co-workers as well as to keep out the unwanted influences mentioned above. You might also sprinkle it around the perimeter of your property to form a protective barrier around yourself and your home. In spellwork, when casting a protective circle, Black Salt can be a powerful part of the ritual.

Branwen's Dreams Black Salt begins with the traditional Old Ways use of a mortar and pestle to crush and blend the various ingredients and to begin working in the appropriate energies which are then charred and blackened on my stove in a cast iron skillet. Finally, I place the salt upon my working altar to be blessed and charged before it is packaged and ready to go to work for you.

Made from sea salt and certified organic herbs, roots, and woods known for their protective properties. 

This listing is for a 4 ounce jar of handcrafted Black Salt.


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