Setting Up Seller Account

How to set up your shop –


Click on the menu item:  SELLER LOGIN & REGISTRATION


Choose the JOIN NOW option.


  • Note – if you get to a Session Expired screen enter the following in the field asking for a shop name - “”  (without quotes)

Fill in YOUR name, your email and a password (minimum of 6 characters)


When you hit the CREATE MY ACCOUNT button you will be taken to the seller dashboard.

Choose the MY ACCOUNT option.



This will take you to the SELLER PROFILE

At the bottom of the screen is an EDIT button.  When you click on that all of the text fields will be available to edit.

Your Name:  Please put your personal name.  The name you would want a check to be made out to for taking to the bank.

Your Shop’s Name:  The default is to repeat your name. Please put the name of your shop in this field.  If you leave your personal name here that is what is going to show up in the list of sellers.

Your Email ID:  this will be the email you use to log in to your dashboard and the email that will show up on your seller profile for customers to use to reach out to you.

Store Address:  This will NOT show up on your seller profile.  This is what the shipping module uses to determine the shipping rate of packages you send your customers.

City:  Same as above

Country:  Same as above

Contact Number – this phone number will not be made public or shared with anyone.  It is only for the purpose of Pagan Markets contacting you in an extreme circumstance or if you request a phone call for seller support.

Short Store Description – this will be the first part of the description of your business to show up on the seller profile.  The Detailed Store Description will show up immediately below.  It is suggested to use the Short Store Description for a few lines that summarize your business.  Then put more details in the Detailed Store Description.  You are welcome to put any links you want to share with potential customers in your description including links to your website and other shops.  We do not forbid directing traffic elsewhere.

Store policies – It is suggested that you address your return or refund policy, how long between order date and shipping date, how you would prefer customers to contact you regarding their order, etc.

Hit the SAVE Button at the bottom of the screen.  It will take you back to the screen you see below. 

Here you can add a profile picture.  This can be a personal picture of you or a logo graphic.  Recommended size is 86x86 pixels.  The profile picture will show on the Our Sellers page.  If you do not put something here the gray shadow figure will be what shows with your shop name.

You also have a banner across your seller profile.  Click on the edit button that looks like a pencil and upload a file.  Maximum size is 851x212 pixels.


Once you complete the Profile information you will need to go to Payment Details, Invoice Setting, and Shipping Configuration.