3x GoodLuck Oil

3x GoodLuck Oil

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3x Good Luck Oil

Hand Blended from my own recipe

Aids in Good luck energies 3 Times as Powerful!!!!! If you are looking to add to your collection of Magickal oils for your spell work or such, you may want to consider Lady Wolfen Mists Hand blended 2 Dram Good Luck Oil! This particular version is 3 times as powerful as the normal oil sold on her web page. This one was created many years ago when I needed to attract good things into my life and it looked like I was never gonna find what I was looking for.  Use this oil for the following purposes

Use to aid in the attraction of positive overall good luck into your life. A word of caution here should be added that this is just what it says, luck energies and not energies that should be depended upon for building a firm foundation. How to use; Anoint self, items places or use in an oil warmer. Just keep in mind the 3 fold law when using this.

Caution: These Oils are not meant to be ingested, do not eat!     This item is presented to you by  Lady Wolfen Mists, a 3rd Degree  High Priestess, who spends many hours searching to bring you fine items like this one. She has well over 40+ years in active Wicca and Metaphysical studies. Check out her Bio at our web site: http://www.silverhoofs.com/bio.htm