Altar 'Spirit Guide' Offering Bowl - Natural Animal Horn/Bone details

Stone Dragon Valley

  • $13.00

Magnificent Altar Animal Horn Bone Devotional, Offering Dish/Bowl

This Sacred Horn Bone Bowl measures 6" long x 4" wide x 1 1/2" high.

Oval shaped with supporting bone feet, and vent holes at dish base - each having a distinctive Pattern created by Artisans working the natural and organic Horn and Bone, a technique remaining true to their traditions developed over the centuries. 

Raw materials used to create these Horn and Bone products are carefully sourced and expertly cut and carved to expose the beauty that lies within. 

(Patterns vary in colour tone)

** Cheetah - symbolizes Speed, Intervals & Groundedness..

** Gorilla - symbolizes Moon energy, Communication, and Tools.

** Zebra - symbolizes Balance, Harmony, Paradox, and Uniqueness.  

Each comes with OFFERING....CHOOSE a Dish from the Drop Down

 Altar Devotional Offering Bowls have been used for centuries for Spiritual and Religious purposes. 

            Made from treated Kalakari Buffalo Horn Bone, these magickal pieces vibrate with a sense of Wilde Energy....and are a fantastic addition to the Altar or Sacred space as a beautiful vessel for your offerings, and or Protective Tools, Magickal blends, Herbs and more.