Aphrodite~A Love Potion
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Aphrodite~A Love Potion

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Aphrodite. The Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure, who was born of the verdant Sea. She is responsible for some of the most epic events in the history of mythology. She made Medea love Jason, and Helen fall in love with Paris, kicking off the Trojan War.

Aphrodite will draw Love & Romance into your life, she will empower you to embrace your personal beauty and own your sexuality. Your Heart will open to new ventures of love and passion, whether they be romantic love or otherwise. You can also use this oil as a devotion oil to Aphrodite, to forge a connection with her, deepen your bond with her and tap into her universal love.

Not just any perfume would do her justice. I took extra care crafting the scent to honor this gorgeous Goddess, sourcing rose oils from Egypt and Attars from India. Notes of Amber deepen the blend and fruits flitter across the surface. The resulting oil is deep, romantic, sensuous, beautiful, a love potion like no other. I infuse each bottle with Rose Quartz, the stone of eternal Love.

We Offer you, Love, Romance, Beauty & Pleasure, Wild Ones.

This listing is for one (1) 15mL bottle of Aphrodite Perfume.



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