Attract Money Oil

Attract Money Oil

  • $15.50

Do you need some money? Do you want to attract sales to your business? Need to ensure that you get paid on time and keep your source of income? The attract money oil is for you.This oil works quickly to bring in cash through the easiest method of manifestation in your life.

This oil is inspired by Hoodoo recipes. I took a few Hoodoo recipes and some from my witchcraft studies and made my witchdo oil.

Contains both herbs and essential oils:
Basil, Dandelion Root, Clove, Cinnamon, Patchouli essential oil, Cedar wood Essential Oil, Grape seed oil and Vitamin E Oil

Mix into candles soaps etc,
Anoint Green or Gold Candles for Money spells
Wear as a perfume
Anoint Business cards and registers to increase sales

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