Beaded charm bracelet - Norse Goddess FREYA - Lover and Warrior Goddess - Vikings - Valhalla - Mythology

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A handcrafted, Beaded charm bracelet inspired by the Norse goddess Freya

Freya is known as a warrior goddess, a Valkyrie and also the goddess of sensual love.
She was a beauty known for her appreciation of romantic music and beautiful flowers. That was her softer side. She was also known as the goddess of war and death.

As leader of the Valkyries, Freya had the right to claim half the souls of the bravest warriors who died in battle. Freya would gather them up from the battlefield and take them back with her to spend the after-life at her home in Valhalla.

Freya was also called upon to comfort those who were dying, to ease their transition into Valhalla, serving as a guide and companion on the journey to the afterlife for many Viking heroes.

Each bead and charm is hand linked on a 21 cm (8 1/4 inches) Silver plated chain that closes with a large ornate clasp which can be fastened on any link for a perfect fit.

The beads, chosen in a palette of Icy cool colours are facet cut opalite, icy green glass pearls, Rose Quartz gemstone beads Czech flower beads, Czech firepolish beads and matte glass beads with 4 beautiful glass "Icicle" drops.
The charms chosen to represent the symbols of the goddess Freya are...
3 cats,  apple, a spinning wheel, thread, crescent moon, snowflakes, sword, flower and stamped "blessed be" heart charm.

As with all my goddess bracelets, hours of research and much love and many blessings went into the creation of Freya. I hope she calls to you.

Thank you for visiting my Pagan Markets store, I look forward to hearing from you.

Much love and many blessings,


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