Beehive Homage

Magic In Your Living Room

  • $22.99

This Pagan or Wiccan altar cloth honors magic of the bees. Without them, life as we know it, would be possible. They are a gift of deity and brings us so many things. It would be appropriate for any Pagan or Wiccan ritual in the summer, perhaps Litha or Lammas. A ritual of tasting honey and blackberries would be great for Lughnasadh. Honor the importance of the bees in our continued existence. Designed by Wendy Wilson of Magic in Your Living Room

This is a beautiful altar cloth, about 18" or 45 cm square. It is a quality textile, professionally printed from my design. All my altar cloths are 2-ply, high quality printed cotton backed by cotton, for a nice weight on the altar. Altar cloths are available, as a special order, in any size up to about 34" square. If you want a customized version, get in touch with me. I can update the design and get it printed. I can also provide yard goods with the design in different sizes.

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