Black Cat "Mandragots" Soap with Black Cat Candle for Spiritual & Healing - NATURAL Homemade

Stone Dragon Valley

  • $13.99

NATURAL Homemade Soap with Candle -Twofold Use – Magickal and/or Healing

1.50 oz wrapped Curio Soap - Black Cat Magickal Soap with Black Cat Candle

- See Above Individual Product Label Images For both Healing and Magickal Benefits

(See Part 1, & 2, plus Individual Curio Soaps for Full Listings of other available Soap versions)

Twofold Use – Magickal and/or Healing

EXTERNALLY as a HEALING TOOL - All Soaps have GREAT Healing Benefits; suitable for Sensitive Skins; and Skin Issues (see individual Soap)

ALL Soaps are Chemical Free - other than the use of Natural Lye..

EXTERNALLY ALL Magickal Soaps can be used as:> 

Linen Washes; Cleaners; Baths - Protects and Heals; Floor Washes - removes Malevolent Energies; Returns Lost items; Romantic Adventures; Returns Energies back to Sender; Contact with Spirits and/or Ancestors etc