Blessing Candle

Branwen's Dreams

  • $35.00

Hand-poured from pure soy, these Blessing Candles are perfect for Weddings, Hand-fastings, Births, House Blessings, or anywhere you feel that such a thing would be appropriate. The one pictured was created as a Hand-fasting Ritual Blessing. I make each candle specifically to order.

The wick is braided from 100% cotton by me and then hand-dipped to coat in soy wax. While braiding, I focus and work the energies of your desired use into the wick, to strengthen the Intention. 

The herbs used to craft your candle will be chosen based upon traditional correspondences to imbue your candle with the properties which you desire and this will then be further charged and focused upon my personal working altar.

I chose soy as the medium for this candle as the pure white color of soy is perfect for blessings, calling on protection of higher powers, spirit guides, or guardian angels and represents innocence, wholeness and completeness.

Candles will come in a 24oz plain glass candle jar unless a different jar is requested. 


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