Celtic Tree Calendar
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Celtic Tree Calendar

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The design of this Pagan altar cloth or Wiccan altar cloth is a symbolic representation of the Celtic tree calendar. A tradition says that the Celtic Calendar was a lunar calendar and the months were named for plants, mostly trees. This design shows the wheel of the year as it goes through the full moons and the dark of the moon. It illustrates the plant each month is named for.  It would be good for Beltane, Mabon or Samhain or really, any time of the wheel of the year. Celebrate The Wheel of the Year!
Designed by Wendy Wilson of Magic in Your Living Room


This is a beautiful altar cloth, about 18" or 45 cm square. It is a quality textile, professionally printed from my design. All my altar cloths are 2-ply, high quality printed cotton backed by cotton, for a nice weight on the altar. Altar cloths are available, as a special order, in any size up to about 34" square. If you want a customized version, get in touch with me. I can update the design and get it printed. I can also provide yard goods with the design in different sizes.