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The Morrighan is an Irish Celtic goddess traditionally regarded as the dark queen of war, crone of death and destruction... which sounds rather frightening but strip away the historical patriarchal demonizing of goddesses in general and we find a strong, independent goddess, fiercely protective of her children and kin.
Called on in times of war and hardship (keep in mind back in the day "war" meant a cattle raid on a neighboring farm!)
Today She allows us to feel our anger and use that energy to stand proud and speak our minds and to know that through death (change) we are reborn, at the end of night (hard times) comes the bright light of day.

About This bracelet...
I created this beautiful bracelet in colors of steel grey, black, red and purple/blues with glass based pearls, faceted glass crystals, Red rosebud faceted Czech firepolish beads, Quartz crystal, Triquetta beads and electroplate Czech beads on a 21 cm silver plate chain. The clasp is a large parrot style which can be fastened on any link for a perfect fit.

The charms I selected to represent the Morrighan are ...
Cauldron - womb symbol, abundance, new life
Feather - enlightenment and inspiration
Pentagram - wiccan symbol representing the four elements and spirit or self
Moon - A symbol of the aging goddess (crone)
Snowflake - represents the transmission of knowledge from a higher to a lower place
Wolf - often depicted in art with a wolf at her side
Triquetta - The triple goddess
Sword - The intellect
Raven - it is said the Morighan can shape shift into a raven
Spiral - Life's journey

I will be happy to make any alterations required or create a custom bracelet just for you!

Thank you for visiting my Pagan Markets store, I hope to hear from you soon!

Love and bless


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