Cinquefoil aka Five Finger Grass

Cinquefoil aka Five Finger Grass

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Cinquefoil or Five Finger Grass as it is better known as in the Hoodoo and Conjure community is a powerful herb known well for luck and money work.  Its a simple herb that packs a punch when used in incense, oils, or even packets.

Comes in half ounce packets

Properties are:
Removing curses, Gambling luck, Money Draw Protection, Visions, Prophetic dreams, and sleep

Sold as a curio only.  This kit is for artistic ritual use only. All magical and spiritual products are sold as magical and spiritual curios only. We are not responsible for any misuse of herbs or products.

Magical results can not be guaranteed.  Any manifestation is on the users end.  You get out of magic what you put into it. 

Herbal associations differ from tradition to tradition.  These associations come from a mixture of Hoodoo and European witchcraft.

All products are for external use only 

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