Druid Sigil Keepsake Box

Sleeping Gryphon

  • $38.00

Druids were the philosophers of the old World. They acted as teachers, counsellors, advisors to leaders, and arbitrators. They were the ones you went to for conflicts, advice, and they were authorities in the practices of ceremony and worship. They often went to school or trained for years and years to gain the knowledges they needed and were considered as elite and powerful as the noble class. This day and age, there is a large revival of the Druidic customs and way of life. Druidism is free of Dogma and set beliefs and practices. They practice the art of peace and realize their strength lies in diversity. Along with the Awen is the Sigil of the Druid as a symbol for this Order of Bards, Octates, and Druids. The Sigil of the Druids is often shown as a circle with two lines going through it in a downward fashion. When used for decoration, it is a wreath of leaves with two staves woven through it. This is a fairly new symbol with it's earliest found use during the 1960s. I still find it a beautiful and peaceful symbol. The cigar box measures 8" x 8.5" x 1.75" and is hand-drawn, hand-burned, stained and sealed for protection. It is great for crystals, divination tools, or keepsakes of your work and studies. This order contains: One Druid Sigil Keepsake Box(as shown) One free gift (only one per order) Thank for visiting our shop!

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