Elphame the Lotus Fairy

Sue Almeter

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Hand crafted, these 8" Lotus Fairy's bring serenity to any room. 1/4" Birch, 7 Swarovski Crystals designate the 7 Chakra's. A vision that I manifested with my scroll saw and my own hands has brought much joy to many people. The Swarovski Crystals are 6mm.


The Lotus Fairy was inspired by a friend and world known Pianist, Gary Stadler who created numerous Celtic CDs focusing on the Folklore of Fairy's, one of which was "Veil of Elphame." As the Folklore says, Elphame was the Queen of the Fairy's in Scotland, who was the inspiration for my Lotus Fairy. She was known to be the most beautiful Fairy of all believed to have Wisdom and Magical abilities.

Comes in Black or White