Full Moon Foaming Bath Potion~For a Full Moon Bathing Ritual

Full Moon Foaming Bath Potion~For a Full Moon Bathing Ritual

Wild Witchery

  • $18.50

We've whipped up these foaming bath potions so you can enjoy magickal bathing rituals in a whole new way. Crafted with Coconut Milk, Kaolin Clay & Epsom Salts, these bath potions will leave your skin nourished & perfumed to perfection. Bonus? They will fill your tub with BUBBLES & Magick. 


Full Moon Foaming Bath Potion is created & scented with out Full Moon Perfume which was made to honor Mother Moon as she completes her cycle as well as to honor yourself as you complete cycles throughout your life and spiritual practice. Full Moon Magick is about completeness, accomplishing the tasks and goals we set for ourselves at the Noumenia and Mother Moon gives us one last opportunity at her fullness to draw on her entire well of energy to complete those goals before her energy wanes again. Each batch is beautifully packaged in frosted glass jar and embedded with a Moonstone. 


Full Moon Milk Baths are an excellent way to honor the fullness of the moon & hold ritual to mark the occasion. 


We Offer You, Full Moon Magick, Wild Ones.


This listing is for one (1) 8oz jar of Full Moon Foaming Bath Potion. We Ritually Create all our Tools in the Olde Ways.

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