Goddess Jewelry - EPONA - Charm Bracelet - Protector of horses, Wicca - Pagan Abundance and fertility, Healing By White Raven Designs

White Raven Designs

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The goddess Epona was revered and worshiped by the ancient Celtic people as a loving protector of horses, donkeys and other animals. Commonly represented as a mare and foal or as a woman on horseback, she was also a goddess of fertility, re-birth and abundance. A nurturing caregiver and is often depicted as a mother goddess. She also is the goddess of dreams not only the sleeping kind but the dreams of hope and ambition and is a good protector to have when venturing on a new path in life.
Epona was the only Celtic goddess worshiped by the Romans who saw her more as a protector of  their cavalry.

Call apon Epona for protection and healing of animals, for dream enhancement and recall, to banish nightmares in children and to teach women to be whole and complete within themselves.

Inspired by beautiful Epona, I created this bracelet in a feminine combination of hand dyed (by me!) Lucite flowers, dark purple textured glass based pearls, each pearl is framed with lacy silver filigree beadcaps and cranberry pink and olive green czech firepolish beads, faceted glass crystal and electroplate beads. All hand wired onto a lead and nickle free silver plate chain that closes with a large ornate clasp.
The total length of this bracelet is aprox 21 cm (8 1/2 inches) the clasp will fasten onto any link in the chain for a perfect fit.

The charms I selected to represent Epona are ...
Bird - Freedom, liberty
Rabbit - Fertility
Apple - a symbol of wisdom
Triquetta - Celtic symbol of the triple goddess 
3 horses - often used to depict Epona
Corn - fertility and abundance
Flower - Beauty
Celtic knot - Unity

I am happy to make any adjustments required to make this bracelet even more special to you,
Just let me know and I will be happy to oblige.
As with all my goddess bracelets, hours of research and much love and many blessings went into the creation of Epona. I hope she calls to you.

Thank you for visiting my Pagan Markets store, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Love and blessings,


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