Increase Luck Oil

Increase Luck Oil

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In Hoodoo and conjure ritual oils for luck are very common.  They are used to anoint and power mojobags, used to anoint candles, and occasionally worn on the body for ritual effects.  Luck gain oils are used by gamblers primarily but also by anyone seeking a little bit of luck increase.

This oil is a blend of witchcraft and Hoodoo herbs and oils. It has been ritually prepared for use in spells related to increasing luck.

Devils Shoestring, Chamomile, Gravelroot, Alphalpha, Five Finger grass, Comfry Root, Galangal Root, Citrine Crystal Essence, Pine essential oil, Patchouli essential oil, vitamin E oil, Grapeseed Oil

Wear as a perfume during interviews
Anoint the corner of resumes and applications with the oil
Anoint Green, Yellow, and Orange candles for luck and success work

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