Isa~A Winter Rest & Introspection Potion
Wild Witchery

Isa~A Winter Rest & Introspection Potion

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"Ice only appears to stop the Rivers Flow"

Ice. It can be both beautiful and treacherous. Yet while it blankets the earth in what appears to be a frozen wasteland, snow and ice are actually incubating and nourishing the seeds that will leap forth in the coming spring.
Isa, is the Old Norse word that literally means "Ice". However this Letter/word also holds an esoteric meaning, most letters did in the ancient world as writing was sacred.
The season of winter calls for us to rest. We have spent the spring planting, the Summer growing and the Fall Harvesting. Winter is our rest period before the hustle and bustle of spring begins again and that is exactly the esoteric meaning behind Isa -rest before action and why this sacred perfume bears it's name, so you can tap into the magick of the rune and begin the spiritual work beneath the surface, of the inward journey, of self-examination and reflection, a process which is so crucial to the growing period on our personal journeys.
Isa is a beautiful and uplifting blend of Gardenia and Jasmine touched by Fir. Gardenia and Jasmine vibrate very high and are suited to such inward spiritual journeys and Fir is valuable for learning & insight. We bottle each one with Herkimer diamonds and Blue Apatite. 
Use Isa this winter to facilitate your spiritual rest and introspective period, tap into the Old Norse Magick and let the waters flow beneath the frozen surface.

Rest, Introspect & Grow beneath the frozen surface, Wild Ones. 

This Listing is for one (1) bottle of Isa Perfume, made in the Olde Ways. 


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Ingredients: All Natural Essential Oils, Absolutes, 2% fragrance (blue spruce & gardenia fragrance), jojoba,