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This handcrafted charm bracelet was created to honour Isis, The Egyptian Mother Goddess, Healer and Protector of All.... Believed to be one of the most ancient of goddesses, Her worship remains one of the most familiar images of empowered and utter femininity.

About this bracelet...
Starting with a 21 cm long bracelet, I chose a combination of cryscolla gemstone, iced green glass based pearls, Faceted glass crystal and electroplated golden rainbow beads.

The charms chosen to symbolize Isis are..
stars - Isis is also known as the queen of heaven
snake - represent eternal life
moon - a Goddess symbol
wing - a symbol of Isis
bird - Freedom, liberty
lotus - represents purity and grace
pomegranate - abundance and fruitfulness
owl - symbolizes wisdom
ankh - Egyptian symbol of eternal life
lantern - as a guiding light

As with all my goddess bracelets, hours of research and much love and many blessings went into the creation of this bracelet to honour the Egyptian Goddess, Isis.

I am she who was at the beginning of time and who will be at the end of time.
I am the Goddess of ten thousand names, the living one, Mistress of the world and mother of gods.
I am gentle and the giver of life, I am abundance and joy, I am justice and light and peace and love.
I am the great mother, Goddess of all Goddesses, Worshiped in many lands under many names but for those who know me,
I am Isis.


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