Jasper Gemstone Pendulum - Earth energies - Dowsing - Pagan - Divination tool - Energy Focus - Handmade - Greenman and Goddess charms

White Raven Designs

  • $40.00

This grounding and balancing jasper crystal divination pendulum was created with a large, 6 sided  45mm jasper pendulum weight, jasper beads with silver accent beads, silver plate chain and is finished with a pentagram, goddess and greenman charms.

Cleansed by pure moonlight in the name of the goddess and ready for you to charge and energize via your preferred method.

Measuring a total of 31 cm long (approx 12 inches) from tip to charm. This is a substantial sized pendulum!

Shipping from Australia to USA is included in the price, should you purchase more than one item any excess postage paid will be promptly refunded to you.

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