Kaló~A Summoning Potion
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Kaló~A Summoning Potion

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   I created Kaló by accident...some of the best things are discovered by mistake, and this potion is definitely one of them! I had set out to create a romantic attraction blend and Kaló was born. But I found as I worked with this oil, it wasn't just the romantic that was coming into my life - it was everything I affirmed that I 'wanted' or 'needed'. It was then that I realized the power of Kaló went far beyond what I had created it to do. 

   Kaló includes some very expensive and rare oils - including Vanilla & Jasmine absolutes. The scent is heady & will envelope your senses & will draw into your life whatever it is you affirm that want or need. 

   What are you trying to summon into your life? Love? Friendship? Health? Money? Work with Kaló and watch your life blossom. 

We Offer You, Your Wishes, Wild Ones.

This Listing is for one (1) 15ml bottle of Kaló Oil.


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Ingredients: All Natural Essential, Absolute & jojoba oil