Lækna~ A Healing Potion
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Lækna~ A Healing Potion

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Lækna, it mean 'to cure' in old norse. And that is what this magickal, potent oil is meant to do. 

This is a powerful healing blend, crafted to see you through even the toughest illnesses. A Magickally  created blend of 8 medicinal oils, documented throughout history to have intense healing effects on the body. It will uplift, comfort and absolutely make you feel better! 

Essential oils are able to penetrate the skin and enter the circulatory system, bringing with them their superb healing effects. Some oils such as peppermint for example, can even intuitively heal the body, acting as a depressant or stimulant as it deems necessary once it comes into contact with the body. 

Lækna is then bottled with Carnelian which strengthens the immune system, boosts vitality & fortifies the physical body and Green Aventurine for general health & it's vitality enhancing properties. 

Use Lækna when you are ill in conjunction with any other natural, homeopathic or traditional medicines. Anoint your body- especially your feet, 3-4 times daily for greatest effect. 

We offer you, potent healing, Wild Ones. Feel Better. 


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