Litha Blessings Casting Herbs
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Litha Blessings Casting Herbs

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Litha is a wonderful time of the year for Wee Folke and Magickal Folke alike. It's filled with warm, sunny days, soft rains, flowers, and friends. This warm blend of herbs, resins, flowers, and woods is a beautiful way to celebrate Litha and a gift for Fyre Drakes and Wee Folke alike. 


This warm, woodsy blend is created especially for warm MidSummer nights around the bonfire. Add this to Mid Summer spellcraft, as an offering, to attract blessings, or add this to a roaring bonfire to add a touch of magick to the atmosphere.

Contains a Fyre infused crystal for charging to keep the fires of Litha flowing. 


8 oz. glass resealable glass jar. FREE shipping.