Lucky Black Cat Oil - Hoodoo, Witchery, Rootwork
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Lucky Black Cat Oil - Hoodoo, Witchery, Rootwork

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Lucky Black Cat Oil - Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Luck, Money, Reverse Bad Luck, Gambling Luck, Prosperity, Conjure Oil

Lucky Black Cat Oil is made with genuine herbs, roots and zoological curios in the old traditional way (my own cat, Loki, contributed the actual Black Cat hair needed), to help you draw luck into your life. This oil is intended for gamblers, however, the oil is also used to reverse bad luck.

Use this oil to dress a green candle into which you've carved your intention. Use it to anoint the corners of dollar bills before purchasing lottery tickets, or betting. Rub on your hands when gambling. Or use it to dress a lucky charm or mojo bag.

Lucky Black Cat Oil comes in a 15 ml amber bottle.

***Spirits and Spells makes no claim to the efficacy of these products. They are sold as curios only, and should be used with the clients' intentions.***