Magi~A Sacred Potion
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Magi~A Sacred Potion

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Magi. This term was well known throughout the Middle East from about the 6th century BCE. Initially, it was used to reference Zoroastrain Priests. Eventually the term was applied to those schooled in the esoteric arts, to include astrology, alchemy and other forms of esoteric knowledge. The very word Magic and all other words containing this root comes from this term.

The most popular instance of Magi being referenced in our modern world is when the Magi (now popularly called Wise Men) came to visit Jesus at his birth. They followed a star that heralded the birth of a King. These men were in fact Persian Magi, learned in the esoteric arts.

The oils in this blend are ancient, and have a long history of esoteric & sacred use. Frankincense & myrrh, wrapped up in Sandalwood and a few other sacred, rare oils make up this blend. It’s resinous and deep. Sacred.

I created Magi as a sacred blend, to be used to anoint yourself, your tools, your sacred space to add to your baths during bathing rituals, for ritual, meditation, spells and the like to call in the ancient and sacred energies of these oils to make every experience you have, spiritual and meaningful.

We Offer you, Sacredness & Spirituality, Wild Ones.

 This listing is for one (1) 15mL bottle of Magi Potion.


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All Natural Essential Oils & Jojoba oil.