Manipura Prayer Beads

Freyja's Fire

  • $49.00

Each bead was combined to bring maximum healing and unblocking to the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra. Strung on brown hemp cord, there are 7 rows with 7 beads (8mm) in each row and a 10mm bead between each row. The first row has Tigers Eye and Sunstone, followed by Mookaite, then Tigers Eye and Rhodocrosite and so on. This pattern alternates all the way around. There is a Frosted Druzy Agate (12mm) that completes the mala. Length is 13 inches.  Total bead count is 56.

Here are just a few of the ways in which these gemstones will work to bring healing:

• Tiger's Eye - stimulates the first 3 chakras with powerful energy, and carries within 'the will' vibration - the same vibration as the manipura.

• Sunstone - clears all chakras, re-balances emotional patterns, and surrounds with love and positive energy.

• Rhodochrosite - clears root and solar plexus, relieves emotional stress, and improves self-worth.

• Mookaite - Activates the manipura allowing the energies to flow throughout the body.

• Frosted Druzy Agate - cleanses all levels, stabalizing the aura and eliminates and transforms negative energies.

Prior to being sent out this will be cleansed with palo santo and then blessed. :)

(Calcite stone not included)


Please note that this information is not a substitute for consulting a health care professional. Please see your doctor before starting any alternative health treatments.

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