May Money Candle
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May Money Candle

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May is the 5th month in the year. '5' being the number associated with Wealth, Money, Prosperity, Business & Career Success-5 is also ruled by Jupiter, who also happens to be considered the "Lucky Planet". Therefore, if you're looking to work Money Magick - May is the month to do it in. 


You can further draw on the Magick of the number 5 by working magick on "5" Days. We've put together a Map for Spells for you to work throughout the Month of May.


We created May Money Candles specifically to channel the Abundance of May. In sheets of Green, Gold, inlaid with Pyrite and Brushed in Gold Fleck, it vibrates & exudes financial abundance!


Use this candle throughout the month of May in your Prosperity & money Rituals. We mapped out a different  spell/ritual for each of the auspicious days in May. You can find it here:


This Listing is for one May Money Candle. We Ritually Create all our tools in the Olde Ways.