Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit
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Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

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Everyone loves Mercury Retrograde cycles and this set celebrates that love!

Contains lepidolite for gentle self-speak, empathy, and spiritual compassion. This gentle stone also helps release emotional baggage and encourages healing on a spiritual and emotional level. Paired with rose quartz and snowflake obsidian, it assists with an empathetic connection and protection to see the truth of a situation from a compassionate and earnest perspective. It allows you to speak your Will and truth from a place of higher love rather than emotion. Obsidian and Georgia Red Jasper assists with grounding on both physical and psychic levels. Fluorite and Smoky Quartz boosts shields, deflect psi attacks, negative energy, and helps keep the aura clear of outside ick. 

Also included is a stick of sacred Palo Santo and our exclusive Ground Zero salts for clearing the most overlooked chakra in our bodies, and a silky crocheted pouch for carrying and storage.