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This herb is well known as the Witches Herb.  Its a sacred herb and has potent magical and spiritual powers.  This is a popular herb in witchcraft. This herb is tied to psychic powers and psychic abilities including spirit travels which may witches engage in.

This herb can be used as a drink, carried in satchel, and burned as incense. It is also an herb that has been used in smoking blends by witches.  When used in a smoke the herb acts as an entheogen helping the witch to bring foirth the presence of God and spirits.

The majority of the associations with mugwort are related to psychic abilities and powers. Those associations are psychic powers, prophetic dreams, and astral projection. Other associations with mugwort are strength and healing.

Magical properties:Strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, astral projection

Use: Burn as incense, drink as a tea, carry in satchel

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