Nāgī ~Gold Sheen Obsidian for Transformation & Shadow Work
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Nāgī ~Gold Sheen Obsidian for Transformation & Shadow Work

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The Nāgī are female serpent deities, worshiped in India, where women gather around the stone carvings of the Nāgī to make offerings to the goddesses.These goddesses are believed to make women fertile, protect the women and her family, and bring prosperity. The Nāgī also carry the elixir of life and immortality. They bring & facilitate healing, transformation & life change. The spirit of these serpent Goddesses are connected to life force, primal energy & spiritual guidance, which is why this Amulet bears their name.

Gold Sheen Obsidian shows you what you need in order to heal. It will balance & cleanse your auric field. Nāgī is also effective for scrying, taking you into the future, the past and deep into the core of the problem, revealing your shadow self. Gold Sheen eliminates sense of futility or ego conflict and imparts knowledge of spiritual direction.

 We offer you, Transformation, Shadow Work & Healing. 

This listing is for 1 Nāgī Amulet . We ritually create and charge all of sacred tools, in the Olde Ways.