Noumenia~ A New Moon Intention Setting Potion
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Noumenia~ A New Moon Intention Setting Potion

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Noumenia, the New Moon. It is during this  time the moon begins her cycle again. As The New Moon is a time of new beginnings for Mother Moon, so it is a time for us to set down new intentions as well. This is why I have created Noumenia. It is rich and deep blend that includes sandalwood, with gloriously floral top notes of Jasmine to name but a few oils in this blend. This enchanted perfume is crafted to help you during this phase of the moon to set down your intentions for the coming month. 

Wear during intention setting rituals, anoint your candles, your stones, your papers which your write your intentions on. Noumenia is bottled with Labradorite, a stone highly connected with the New Moon, New beginnings and manifesting intentions.

Set your Intentions, Wild Ones.

This listing is for one (1) 15mL bottle of Noumenia Perfume, made in the Olde Ways 


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Ingredients: All Natural Essential Oils & jojoba