Organic Flower Essences - Vibrational Medicine
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Organic Flower Essences - Vibrational Medicine

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Branwen's Dreams Flower Essences are VIBRATIONAL MEDICINES that were first made popular by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 20th Century, but flowers have been used for healing since much, much further back.

My flower essences are made from solar infusions of flower blossoms in pure spring water from Mount Monadnock, New Hampshire. I then add brandy to preserve the essence. The energetic imprint and spirit of the flower is transferred and stabilized into the water which is then used to address emotional and mental aspects of imbalances.

These are *not* biochemical medicines. 

Flower Essences can be helpful for releasing emotional, destructive behavioral issues that are being held deep within the body. They can also help relieve physical issues as well. Flower Essences work on a vibrational level to encourage balance. 

Flower Essences, by their very natures, are completely safe, even for babies, during pregnancies, and even our furry pals often respond very well to their use.

These essences, just like every other Branwen's Dreams product, are made with the full spirit of the Old World Tradition, with commitment, honor, and integrity in sacred space and with my full attention on the work at hand. It is my sincerest desire that all of you who purchase my creations receive the Brightest Blessings from Spirit. I only use flowers that I grow and are tended organically by myself. More often than not, flowers that pop up unexpectedly in my gardens turn out to be ones whose energy I personally need at that particular time.

Most often, these are administered as drops under the tongue, but besides taking them as drops, you can also:

❉ Add them to a glass of water, juice, or smoothies,
❉ Rub them on your pulse points.
❉ Add them to your bath water.
❉ Mist them into the air around your space. 

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(¸.•´ (¸.•`* * I currently offer 11 different flower essences:

❧ Asiatic Lily - "I am FREE."
❧ Bell Flower - "I possess CONSCIOUS INTEGRATION"
❧ Black Eyed Susan - "I am AWARE."
❧ Borage - "I am BRAVE."
❧ Chamomile - "I am LIGHT."
❧ Dandelion - "I am WORTHY."
❧ Echinacea - "I am MY TRUE SELF."
❧ Queen Anne's Lace - "I have CLEAR VISION"
❧ Red Clover - "I am PEACE."
❧ Valerian - "I am TRANSFORMATIVE FIRE."
❧ Yarrow - "I am WHOLE."

I will provide detailed information for each Flower Essence. Etsy gets cranky when certain things are said about herbal/folk remedies, so if you're curious or interested, please contact me.

✿This is not a perfume, essential oil, or herbal tincture.✿

Each Branwen's Dreams Flower Essence comes in a 1 ounce amber Boston round bottle with a dropper for dosage and is ready to use.