Organic Kokum Hair Tamer
Organic Kokum Hair Tamer
Organic Kokum Hair Tamer
Organic Kokum Hair Tamer
Organic Kokum Hair Tamer
Branwen's Dreams

Organic Kokum Hair Tamer

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Branwen's Dreams Kokum Hair Tamer will do just that: tame your unruly tresses into soft, shiny, manageable locks. This pomade is a fantastically nourishing and moisturizing butter that is perfect for your hair! Smells amazing, not "froofy" and as you can see in the last photos, it even works on baby-fine hair. (Kept The Bear's fly-aways from getting away all day!) In the last two photos, I show you how it also adds texture to my own super-fine hair and keeps it from looking like I have antennae, but isn't oily or greasy looking or feeling. 

It may be used as: a hair pomade, to add texture to your hair, to protect your hair line when using henna, to protect your hair before heat styling (blow drying or flat/curling irons), to help tame fly-aways, to moisturize and coax wild curls into sitting pretty, and as a deep, rich moisturizer.

It is completely safe for use on skin - and I can tell you from personal use, it feels awesome on chapped hands. Just a little bit goes a LONG way. Since 2012, when it was first formulated, this wonderful hair styling aid has been indispensable to our haircare routine. 

So why is this so great for haircare? Well, Kokum Butter is perfect for stimulating the scalp for healthy hair growth. It helps cell oxygenation, making nutrients more readily available for use by scalp/skin tissues - which helps promote hair growth.

Cajeput essential oil comes from the Melaleuca cajeputi tree which can be found in Indonesia. It is commonly used to moisturize dry hair and scalp and also promotes hair growth. 

Clove oil on the scalp is used to slow hair loss and promote hair growth by boosting blood circulation in the scalp. 

Finally, ylang ylang essential oil has antiseptic properties that kill germs and irritants that cause hair loss. It clears the hair follicles of stale oils due to its oil regulating properties, and reduces scalp inflammation which leads to hair loss. 

I'm general, my Kokum Hair Tamer contains antioxidant properties that have been shown to reduce oxidative stress and cellular aging in the scalp which may lead to hair weakening, hence hair loss, while nourishing the hair follicles and increasing blood circulation in the scalp which stimulates the dormant hair follicles to wake up and start functioning again...all this while providing texture and control for your hair.

✿Can be used on wet or dry hair✿

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(¸.•´ (¸.•`* * This product may form "beads" from drastic temperature changes. These "beads" will melt in your hands and have no adverse affect on the product.

Ingredients: unrefined certified organic kokum butter, certified organic apricot oil, certified organic beeswax, and pure, certified organic essential oils of Cajeput, Ylang-Ylang, and Clove

This listing is for a two ounce amber glass jar of Kokum Hair Tamer. Jar is reusable or recyclable.