Pele Salt
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Pele Salt

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Black salt has long been an important ingredient in protection, warding, and unblocking/uncrossing spells. It absorbs negativity and serves as a grounding element for candle spells, herb and fire castings, and as a protective barrier for warding and home blessings. 

Unlike crafted Black Salt, Pele Salt is formed during volcanic eruptions when lava encounters the ocean. The result is a primal, elemental natural element that contains the power of Land, Sea, and Sky. Natural Black Salt is charged on Dark Moons and may be used in spells of binding and banishing, mediation, and unblocking, uncrossing, as well other forms of protective energy work. It contains no harmful added ingredients and is safe for bathing or ingestion in small amounts. 

This item comes in a resealable glass jar for safe storage.


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