Pyrite Neckalces~For Money Magick

Pyrite Neckalces~For Money Magick

Wild Witchery

  • $15.95

 Pyrite is an often overlooked yet immensely powerful mineral when it comes to attracting Money, Wealth & Luck.

May is the 5th month in the year. '5' being the number associated with Wealth, Money, Prosperity, Business & Career Success-5 is also ruled by Jupiter, who also happens to be considered the "Lucky Planet". Therefore, if you're looking to work Money Magick - May is the month to do it in.

So, just in time to tap into the financial abundance the Divine is presenting us with in May, we bring you these stunning, faceted Pyrite Necklaces. 

By wearing pyrite in jewelry as an amulet you are attracting Money, Wealth & Luck to yourself while accessorizing! We ritually created each piece & they come with an 18" silver chain. 

We Offer You, Money, Wealth & Luck, Wild Ones.

This listing is for one (1) Pyrite Amulet which comes with an 18" chain. We Ritually Create all our Tools, in the Olde Ways. 

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