Red Fast Luck Oil - Hoodoo, Luck, Witchcraft
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Red Fast Luck Oil - Hoodoo, Luck, Witchcraft

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Red Fast Luck Oil - the name says it all.

I make this Red Fast Luck Oil with the traditional New Orleans Hoodoo recipe, using cinnamon oil, wintergreen oil and oil of vanilla, with alkanet root for the color.

Use your Red Fast Luck Oil for anointing a mojo bag or use it in a floorwash to bring in a quick run of success to your business or your bedroom.

You can even wear it on yourself, just be sure to test with a small amount first, to guard against sensitivity to the oils used (even though a good amount of carrier oil ihas been used. )

This product comes in a 15 ml (approx. 1/2 oz)  bottle.

***Spirits and Spells makes no claim to the efficacy of these products. They are sold as curios only, and should be used with the clients' intentions.***