Rose Quartz Talisman

Freyja's Fire

  • $17.00

Rose quartz is well known for being a stone of love, but it has many other properties also. If you are seeking a change in your life or trying to develop new capabilities and routines, this is the perfect stone to aid you. It gives off a positive balancing effect on the emotions and can therefore aid with feelings of guilt and will help to strengthen your resolve and willpower. If you prefer to use this as an amulet, it will protect against intrusion and other's anger and spite. Wear this at night or place under pillow to help with nightmares.

The length of the glass vial (1 ml) is a bit over 1 inch and the width is under a half inch. It has a plastic top which can be opened, but doesn't easily come off. I did not glue the top shut. Inside are rose quartz chips. This pendant comes with an 18 inch stainless steel flat oval link chain with lobster clasp that is non-tarnish and hypoallergenic.

Prior to being sent out this will be cleansed and blessed!

This is made of GLASS! It will shatter when dropped!

Do not place in direct sunlight. The color will be affected!


This information is not a substitute for consulting a health care professional. Please see your doctor before starting any alternative health treatments.

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