Scíath~A Protection & Shielding Potion
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Scíath~A Protection & Shielding Potion

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In the Irish myth the Wooing of Etain, Cú Chulainn travels to the warrior goddess Scáthach’s residence, Dún Scáith – the Fortress of Shadows on the Isle of Skye where she trains the hero in all manners of combat and warfare.

Scíath has come to mean ‘shield’ in modern Irish, but the etymological trail of the word traces back to the warrior-Goddess Scáthach and her fortress Dún Scáith – where the formidable shadow fortress acted as a shield to the training warriors until they could become their own shield, their own protector. This is the energy that Scíath imparts to you.

We are entering the shadow season, the time of year we begin to explore the greater, darker mysteries of life, death and our spiritual journey as they begin to unfold themselves unto us. It’s incredibly important to protect yourself as you work in the shadow and spirit realms, So we created this potion to accompany you as you explore these realms.

Scíath is a resinous recipe of Dragon’s Blood, Myrrh & dark patchouli-8 oils in all, renowned for their copious and effective protective properties make this blend potent and powerful. We bottle it with black tourmaline and smoky quartz chiptones, so the oil is infused with protective properties of the stones as well. It will envelope you in its veil of protection as you navigate the nether.  Anoint your body, candles, stones and other tools or add to bath water or salts for a protective bath.

This listing is for one (1) 15mL bottle of Scíath Perfume.


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Ingredients: All Natural Essential Oils & Absolutes, Jojoba oil.