Tibetan Quartz Points with Enhydros~For Freedom, Expansion & Grounding
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Tibetan Quartz Points with Enhydros~For Freedom, Expansion & Grounding

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Tibetan Quartz is found at altitudes of over 15,000 feet in the Ganesh Himal Mountain range that borders Tibet and Nepal. This remote location is only accessible on foot during the warmer months so these crystals are collected by hand and brought down from the mountain in sacks. They often contain inclusions of hematite, carbon or water.

These particular specimens are loaded with Enhydros - more commonly called water bubbles & each one has a varying degree of smoky color to them. They are simply GORGEOUS & are often referred to as the perfect pocket altar as they contain all 4 elements within one point.

Tibetan Quartz offers us the opportunity to free ourselves from often self-imposed belief systems, to be flexible in our views and beliefs as we flow along in the infinite possibilities the universe offers us.

These Crystals also embodies the powerful “OM” vibration and are perfect for grounding as you expand your awareness & spiritual growth. Tibetan Quartz also act as a psychic cleanser, clearing debris from the aura and allowing more full spectrum light to fill our physical and energetic bodies. They help to rapidly expand our consciousness in order to release emotional attachments and commune with higher planes. Tibetan Quartz can also be used for very powerful energy grids and deep spiritual meditation.

This Listing is for 1 Med-LG Tibetan Quartz Point. We cleanse & Charge all our Crystals in the Olde Ways so they come fully imbued & ready to work their Magick.