Unakite & serpentine earrings
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Unakite & serpentine earrings

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Unakite & serpentine earrings, handmade, measures 1.5 inches on silver plated hooks.Faceted rectangles of green serpentine topped by two unakite beads.

Serpentine is useful for clearing blocked areas of the chakras so healing can begin, and assists in the conscious direction of energy for that healing.  It aids in meditation and enhances spiritual exploration. It's a very fibrous stone, which allows lots of other crystals to grow in between. New jade is a variety of serpentine, so called because it can mimic jade and is found frequently with it. It's a friendly stone like that.

Unakite is a jasper containing pinky peach feldspar and green epidote.  Jasper is a very nurturing stone, and then you add the abundant energy of green with the compassion of pink. 

These stones were chosen not just because they look good together, but because your friendly little serpentine combined with the nurturing and compassion of the unakite is the gemstone equivalent of a big hug.