Universal Love Mala

Freyja's Fire

  • $41.00

This mala was handmade intuitively, focusing on the guidance, surrender, and love of the Universe.

Strung on 0.70 mm brown natural silk cord, there are 8 rows of Italian White Onyx (8mm) with 9 beads in each row. There are 7 Amazonite beads (10mm) between each row. Each bead is spaced with a knot. The guru bead is an Amethyst (14mm). Length is 15 inches and total bead count is 80.

When using this for meditation, here are some ways in which it can aid you:

• Italian White Onyx - initiates the process of centering and alignment with the Higher self and helps you to absorb all the energy you need from the Universe.

•Amazonite - allows one to listen and integrate all aspects of self; enables the manifestation and retention of universal love in daily life.

• Amethyst - concentration; encourages humbleness and surrender to the powers of the Universe for guidance; guides the mind toward deeper understanding; stimulates highest vibration of the Third Eye; balances emotions

Prior to being sent out this will be cleansed with sandalwood incense and then blessed. :)

(Calcite stone not included)


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