White Ivory and Gold Handfasting Cord

White Ivory and Gold Handfasting Cord

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Tie the knot with an elegant handfasting cord!

Handfasting is an ancient European ceremony of betrothal or wedding that dates back to pre-Medieval times and usually involves the tying or binding of the hands of the couple with a cord or ribbon. Many couples incorporate a handfasting as part of a traditional civil ceremony.

This listing is for a single cord approximately 2m (6ft) long made of 3 strands of silky Japanese Mokuba cording in white, ivory, and gold braided together. The width is approximately between 1/2in wide. It is capped with a gold metal endcap.

I made some cords for my own wedding and had four cords draped over our hands and tied. Ours will be in a shadow box and displayed on the wall.

Enjoy your handfasting cord as a keepsake and reminder of the hands that are bound together in love. Reuse if you renew your vows years later!