Wish Powder

Wish Powder

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The power of wishes and wish making is very common in folklore.  This powder is crafted out of herbs whose folklore is associated with making wishes and wish magic.  It is a modern creation for modern witches and pagans based on traditional witchcraft.  Blowing powders into the winds as a person makes a wish has been a part of folk magic for a long period of time.

Star Anise seed, Dandelion Leaf, Angelica Root, Dragonsblood, Basil, Nutmeg

Take a pinch and blow it into the four winds.  Speak your wish.  The wind will carry your wish to all corners of the universe.
Sprinkle some in moving water (rivers, streams, and oceans) to deliver your wish to spirits
Carry with you as a wish charm and release into nature when your wish has been manifested

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